Kirk trekked across Cuba to Produce and Direct this documentary.

Planetwalk Cuba is a documentary about Dr. John Francis. John is an appointed Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations. He is walking around the globe to promote peace and sustainability.

After witnessing an oil spill on the San Francisco Bay in the early 1970’s John rejected fossil fuel transportation and began his walk around the planet. He also vowed never to speak (he became tired of explaining his cause verbally) and did not utter a word for over 17 years! During this silent walk he earned a M.S. degree in Environmental Studies at the University of Montana and his PH.D. in land resources at the University of Wisconsin. After completing his studies the horrible Valdez Oil Spill occurred. John walked (I should say he ran) to Washington DC to help write oil regulations for the United States Coast Guard Oil Pollution Act of 1990. I was lucky enough to join him in Cuba to produce and direct the first half hour of a continuing documentary about his journey around the planet.
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PLANETWALK CUBA DOCUMENTARY (opening sequence only)