Kirk directed this teaser for a good friend and cohort Murray Suid of Point Reyes Pictures. Murray and his wife Roberta are producing this film in collaboration with director Jordon Livingston of JLP productions. Murray and Jordon co-wrote the script and are in preproduction of the film.

Connie Morris is an elementary school teacher with an unhappy marriage and a penchant for romance novels. When a nightly series of intense dream fantasies unexplainably implicate Connie in adultery, Connie's waking life begins to unravel. As mysterious precognitive visions and hallucinations plague her days, Connie is forced to question her own sanity. But the connection between Connie's dreams and waking nightmares soon reveals itself, as Connie stumbles upon a national government conspiracy involving ESP and mind control. Risking everything to stop an insidious coup and regain control of her own life, Connie discovers the potential of her own extraordinary psychic powers, hidden dormant inside her.

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TRT: 2:39